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Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams


Being a single mom can create many obstacles and challenges in a woman’s life, yet when Cindy Williams had to sell her home, little did she realize how life changing this transaction would become for her. Raising her children by herself, she moved to Pleasanton. Being a people person, it was natural for her as she enjoyed being a recruiter with Pacific Bell. She considered herself a matchmaker- matching people to jobs. Then, there was the dot com crash and her job went by the wayside.

During all of this, she decided to sell her home. The buyer’s agent, Gene ( now her husband ) was understanding & compassionate about her situation, one year later they were married. Knowing Cindy so well, Gene and her broker told her, “You have to do Real Estate, you would be really good.” Then she made the change, saying “I changed my thinking to, Okay, I was always a matchmaker – people to jobs, and now I am a matchmaker – people to homes.” Looking back she laughs, “Gene recruited the recruiter.” They truly complement one another.

Cindy’s first year in business was remarkable as nominee for the Bay East Association of Realtors “Rookie of the Year”. She received the Rising Star Award and Master’s Award. Cindy loves decorating homes, so she also became an Accredited Staging Professional. Cindy believes in building strong, lasting relationships. She dedicates her time to serving her clients and ensuring that their goals, dreams and visions are realized. 

To Cindy, success is not just about having a lot of money: it’s about helping others and giving back to people. She says: “If I’m successful, someone else is going to receive it too. If it all went away, what do we have? We have the best gift of all. We have our God, we have each other, we have our awesome children/grandchildren and there is nothing more important than that.”